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The Solution To Clean
Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Genius is the solution to keep your floors looking as clean and elegant as when they were first installed.

As the region’s #1 specialist in hardwood flooring for the past 42 years, Floors USA has been examining easy and cost effective ways to keep hardwood floors looking clean and beautiful.

With the incredibly durable finishes used on most hardwood floors today, we apply a patented yet simple deep cleaning and renew coat to get your floors looking new again. Make your average floors look exceptional without the expense.


The process is simple and quick, and the results are genius. Check it out.


Browse our portfolio of cleaning and refinishing results and then contact us for a free, no obligation estimate.



This thorough cleaning is an excellent residential and commercial-grade cleaner for all wood and laminate floors. It’s tough on dirt, gentle on floors and cleans without leaving a residue. We will come out twice a year to ensure your floors stay clean and beautiful.

Floor Treatment

If you need something more significant than cleaning, we offer an Intensive Floor Treatment program. It’s like having your floors go the spa for a day. I.F.T. is an aggressive cleaner that will easily remove ground-in dirt, body oils, shoe marks, ball scuffs, spilled beverages, and more.

Hardwood Genius

The most effective solution for a long-term lasting clean — turning any dull floor into one looking new again. RENEW provides a beautiful shine which also acts as a durable coating that will protect your floors and help them to stay cleaner longer. This solution is available in a gloss finish. Recommended twice a year along with Basic Clean.

Fall in love with
your flooring. Again!

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